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Training Workshop - ERASMUS+ Programme

16,17 & 18 February 2023 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Three Day Training Workshop: Opportunities and Range of Options for Higher Education Institutions, Public and Private Bodies from Sri Lanka

ERASMUS+ Capacity Building Workshop - Sri Lanka
  • Erasmus+ is the EU-funded academic initiative aimed at the development of academic, social, and cultural ties between European universities and their counterparts from eligible countries across the world.
  • In March 2021 a new Erasmus+ package has been announced with a budget of 26.2 Billion Euros were allocated for the period between 2021 and 2027.
  • This fund is focused primarily on Education, Training, Youth and sports
  • This is open for both state and non-state sector (Private Sector and NGOs)
  • Youth, Green or Environment Protection and Digitalisation are priority areas of Erasmus+
  • As universities of Sri Lanka are eligible for Erasmus+, they can be a part of the academic partnership and alliances with universities from the European Union and other parts of the world receiving funds covering student and teaching staff exchange as well as more wide-scale, institutional developments.
  • As the Erasmus+ initiative brings unique opportunities, it also requires from university specialists a certain level of training on identifying proper priorities and topic areas of projects, selecting academic partners, drafting proposals and reports, etc.
  • This training program is designed with the purpose of developing a certain set of skills required by Sri Lankan Academics and academic administrators for successful work within the Erasmus+ initiative,
  • This is an opportunity to attract a portion of funds available from the EU ( Euro 26.2 Billion) to develop higher education & Training, Youth, and Sports Development in Sri Lanka.
Interested to Participate?
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Objectives & Specific Benifits Of The Training

  • The ultimate goal of the training is for the participants to be fully acquainted with the Erasmus + program after completing the training and to be able to independently create and submit applications for the Erasmus + program, observing all the necessary rules, procedures regulations of the program itself.
  • At the same time, the training itself can result in partnerships for creating joint future projects.
  • We would like to emphasize that the participants in the training, in addition to higher education training, will also be trained in vocational education, adult and youth education.
  • Public or private Higher Education Institutions
  • Public or private, a small, medium, or large enterprise (including social enterprises)
  • Public body at local, regional, or national level
  • Chambers of commerce, craft/professional associations, and trade unions
  • Research institute
  • School/institute/educational center (at any level, from pre-school to upper secondary education, and including vocational education and adult education)
  • Foundations, Non-profit organizations, Associations, NGO

This training is the basic and starting point for creating successful project applications for the Erasmus + program which has a budget of 26.2 billion Euros for education, training, youth, and sports. Initially, the basics of the Erasmus + program will be started, and the priorities that the program itself has as basic and specific will be moved on. Erasmus + application forms are going to be fulfilled by participants under the supervision of trainers, and evaluation of draft applications will be made with comments on how applications should be improved.

  • Budget for period 2021-2027 / 26,2 Billion Euro – Erasmus+
  • Involvement of HEIs and public and private bodies from Sri Lanka in Erasmus+ programme
  • Gain knowledge for Sri Lanka participants at the training regarding applications for Erasmus+
  • Gain knowledge about research projects
  • Sessions regarding setting up a project for Funds regarding EU Programmes
  • Developing communication skills, digital and green skills
  • Capacity building of digital skills in line with applications process for EU Programmes
  • Personal development such as the ability to adapt to new situations in the European Union Programmes
  • Collaboration with European Universities and public and private bodies
  • Creation of long-term Partnerships with European institutions
  • Improving International Dimension in Higher Education and in Education in general
  • Focus on EU main and specific priorities in Education, Youth and Sport
  • Sharing positive experience from European countries regarding utilization of EU programmes and funds
  • Innovation in Education as one of the main priorities in Europe
  • Creation of joint master programmes with European Higher Education Institutions
  • Creation of new curricula in line with priorities of EU programmes (digitalization, green agenda/ environmental sustainability and inclusion)
  • Capacity building at HEIs from Sri Lanka regarding fostering cooperation, transformation and reforms
  • Incoming and outgoing of students and staff from HEIs from Sri Lanka (student mobilities, student traineeships, Staff teaching assignments, Staff trainings, blended student mobilities and blended intensive programmes)
  • Possibilities for studying in Europe and conducting traineeships
  • Possibilities for full enrolment at European HE

Resource Persons.

  • Coordinator for Higher Education – Erasmus+,
  • Coordinator for Study in Europe project,
  • Coordinator of network for Higher Education in South-East Europe.
  • Contact point for Academic Cooperation Association and
  • Contact point for Campus France